EY - Ernst & Young (На англ. языке)

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Verbal Analysis Instructions

On the following pages are some practice questions that are similar to those you will be presented with in the actual test. Completing these will help you to understand the types of questions used and to gain experience in taking ability tests.

There are two sets (testlets) of 4 example questions, each to be completed within 3 minutes

Make sure that you have a pen and a sheet of paper available.

Please close all applications and increase the size of this window to its maximum so that you can concentrate on the task and do your best on the test. While you are completing this assessment please do not use the Back' button in your browser or on your mouse as this may end your assessment without saving your responses.

Please note:
  • On each screen you will be presented with one question followed by a number of answer options.
  • Work as fast as you can. If you find a question too difficult or are unsure of an answer, select your best choice and move on quickly.
  • This exercise is designed to assess your ability to understand written information.

    As the actual test is strictly timed, you should try to complete each set of 4 example questions within the time limit of 3 minutes.