BCG sample test (На англ. языке)

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Формат экзамена


The Online Case: During a BCG recruiting process, you will go through a BCG Potential Test (or BCG Online Test, BCG Reasoning Test). Like case interviews, it is an opportunity to better grasp the kind of issues a BCG team addresses with our clients in reality and test a number of key skills like logic, analysis and business sense. Enclosed, you will find some sample questions which will allow you to prepare for the test and be familiar with the navigation.

The Practice Package: Enclosed, you will find a hard copy sample that consists of 09 questions and should last no more than 18 minutes. The purpose is to help you prepare for the actual exercise. Because BCG is still in the process of piloting the test, so the exact test format, number of questions, and time allotted can be different across different offices. Some people had ~50 questions in 50 minutes while others had ~25 in 40 minutes.

Each question is divided into 2 parts:
  • on the bottom, you will find the question itself
  • on the top, you will find the information you need to answer the question
  • No calculator. We recommend you complete this sample test without using a calculator.

    Scoring system. You should select one or more answers for each question. During the actual test you will be able to move onwards and backwards and change your prior answers so you should feel free to do the same here. For each right answer you will get +3 points, 0 points for no answer and -1 point for a wrong answer.

    To answer the questions: The questions ask you to find the most appropriate answer to the problem as described using only the information presented. You should select one and only one answer to every question.

    Good luck and have fun!