BCG sample test (На англ. языке)

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Online case. During your recruiting process with BCG you will have to go through an online case. The purpose of this exercise is to test your analytical and logic skills as well as your business sense.

Sample. This document is a sample of 10 questions put together. Its purpose is to help you prepare for the actual online exercise you will have to complete. We recommend you take no more than 20 minutes to take this test.

Each question is divided into 2 parts:
  • on the bottom, you will find the question itself
  • on the top, you will find the information you need to answer the question
  • No calculator. We recommend you complete this sample test without using a calculator.

    Scoring system. You should select one or more answers for each question. During the actual test you will be able to move onwards and backwards and change your prior answers so you should feel free to do the same here. For each right answer you will get +3 points, 0 points for no answer and -1 point for a wrong answer.

    Process followed. BCG only makes four questions available to candidates preparing for its online test. The free sample test you are reading is inspired by these questions as well as conversations with past BCG candidates and other consulting recruitment tests. Although this free sample test is unlikely to be a perfect representation of the actual test, we believe it should help significantly in your preparation.

    Remaining uncertainties. There are a few uncertainties regarding the BCG potential test that you should be aware of:
  • Number of questions and time: In its four-question sample BCG mentions that the online test includes 23 questions and needs to be completed in 45 minutes. However, past candidates have also reported slightly varying numbers of questions and time limits.
  • Maths vs. logic questions: Given the limited number of questions made available by BCG, the balance of maths and logic questions in the actual test is not known at this stage.